Proudly Serving our customers since 1997

DNXengineers, Ltd. provides engineering , design services and supplies engineered systems to the power and process industry. Our specialty being the control of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. 


Field Services:

Field services are provided as part of most contracts. This can include initial site-surveys and evaluations, assistance during construction, startup and checkout services of installed systems, and performance optimization testing.

Engineering and Design:

Engineering services include performance evaluation and analysis, process design and detailed equipment design. Analytical techniques such as computational fluid dynamics and chemical kinetics are used as design tools for solving aerodynamic and combustion problems.


DNX provides retrofitting of existing anhydrous ammonia systems to reduce risk and community concerns. DNX offers retrofitting of anhydrous ammonia to aqueous ammonia that will be effective and safe. Aqueous ammonia is easier to handle and at low concentrations is not considered a hazardous material.

Consulting Services:

We offer process and system evaluation, ammonia safety training and safety evaluation.




Custom design and fabrication

(Example Above: Drain Grates)


Cooling Tower piping design

Natural Gas Heat Exchanger piping design

LPG Transfer Station design