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SNCR - The Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction process introduces a reducing agent into high temperature flue gas. The spontaneous reaction between reagent and nitrogen oxides then forms nitrogen and water. Wall injectors can be used for reagent injection, except on large utility boilers, where an injection lance may be needed to distribute the reagent evenly. 


SNCR is a cost-effective technique to provide medium range NOx reduction. Because of its simplicity and high reliability, capital and operation costs are low. If used in combination with other control techniques such as low NOx burners or combustions modifications, it can be an attractive alternative to SCR. When used as a first stage in a hybrid SNCR/SCR system, SNCR can reduce catalyst size.


DNX Engineers, Ltd. provides engineering , design services and supplies engineered systems to the power and process industry. Our specialty being the control of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions.